Business Law

Business Services


This is a service designed to benefit business owners seeking limited legal assistance. This is a recurring monthly service which allows the business owner the following options.

Option 1

Monthly- $200 for 3 hours

Option 2

Monthly- $300 for 5 hours

List of Services

Please note that these are estimated times of completion.

·       Legal Consultation- 30 minutes

·       Follow up meeting-30 minutes

·       Contract Review- 2 hours

·       Legal Research- 2 hours

·       Legal Correspondence- 1 hour

·       Court Document Assistance- 2 hours

·       Lawsuit Review- 2 hours


1.     To sign up please contact the Stephens Law Firm at

Monroe Location

(318) 329-8000

Baton Rouge

(225) 907-6777

2.     Pick your plan

Option 1

Monthly- $200 for 3 hours

Option 2

Monthly- $300 for 5 hours

3. The Stephens Law Firm Personnel will contact you to set up the monthly draft. Once the initial payment has been                 received, we will schedule the initial business consultation. Meeting options:

        a.      Phone Conference

        b.     Virtual Zoom

        c.      In Office Meeting

4. Attorney Stephens will assess to determine the time needed to complete the services or if additional services or time           may be needed.

5. Our staff will follow up with you by the next business day:

         a.      Estimated hours needed

         b.     Estimated Time of completion


Please note:

        1.     Hours do NOT rollover.

         2.     Additional hours may be purchased within the month at $200/hour

         3.     Clients will receive a 15% discount when they hire The Stephens Law Firm for business-related representation. All other inquiries are subject to attorney approval.

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The Stephens Law Firm proudly serves multiple locations throughout Louisiana. This includes Baton Rouge and surrounding areas as well as north Louisiana with a focus on the area around our Monroe office.