Truck Accidents

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Approximately 95 percent of American households own a car. Although public transit has seen an increase in ridership since 1995, there are still an abundance of vehicles on our roadways, whether commuting to work, traveling to see family, or taking a Sunday bike ride to the park; many American’s still enjoy the convenience and independence of having their own source of transportation. More owner vehicles on the roadway mean an increased chance of being on the road with the BIG trucks that help drive our US economy.

Big trucks, also known as Semi-trucks or 18- wheelers, have a legal weight of approximately 40 tons and need roughly 40% more stopping time than cars, which varies based on load weight, road conditions and bobtailing, or driving without a trailer attachment. Although very vital to our economy, these massive trucks can also cost a lot of damage on our roadways.

There were a total of 84 fatal crashes involving big trucks and buses in 2016 and over 2500 that resulted in injury only in the state of Louisiana. Many factors contribute to big truck accidents, from hazardous road conditions, lack of truck maintenance and upkeep, or even driver fatigue. Make sure you call the Stephen’s Law Firm to stand with you against BIG Trucks and their lawyers!

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